A brief introduction to Badge List

Badge List

Badge List is the simplest way to build, host and award evidence-based Open Badges.

Creating Badges

Badge List is a web app that lets groups of experts within or across organizations come together and create groups of Open Badges, each badge representing mastery of an important skill.

Tracking Learning Evidence

Badge creators can specify a list of requirements needed for a learner to earn a particular badge. Learners join badges and track their learning by posting evidence to their progress logs.

Providing Guidance

Badge experts work with learners online and offline, providing feedback and recognizing progress my posting entries to each learner’s log.  Experts and learners share access to a collaborative badge wiki that can contain exercises, documentation and helpful resources.

Recognizing Mastery

Hopeful learners submit their progress logs to the badge experts for validation.  Once the learning evidence is validated by the badge experts, the learner earns the badge becomes an expert helping to guide other learners and determine the future course of the badge’s development.  Earned badges can be shared to hundreds of different apps, platforms and social networks via Mozilla’s Open Badge Framework.

How Badge List Works

Badge List is built around learning groups.  Every badge belongs to a learning group and every learning group has a unique url (www.badgelist.com/group-name).

Next Steps

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